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The Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory is supported by the Division of Chemical Sciences within the Office of Basic Energy Sciences at the U.S. Department of Energy, through a cooperative agreement with the University of Notre Dame.

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NDRL Article Designated as HOT 2020 PCCP article.

NDRL Article Designated as HOT 2020 PCCP article.

Laura Mortlock-McMinn

Congratulations to Professor David Bartels and Professor Alexandra Lisovskaya of the Radiation Laboratory. Their article titled "One-electron redox kinetics of aqueous transition metal couples Zn2+/+, Co2+/+, and Ni2+/+ using pulse radiolysis" was selected by Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics to be included in their 2020 HOT PCCP Articles. The article was co-authored with Kotchaphan Kanjana.…

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