Graduate Students to Present at GEC/ICRP Conference

Author: Laura Mortlock-McMinn

Several graduate students of Sylwia Ptasinska's will be presenting at the 68th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference/9th Annual International Conference on Reactive Plasmas held in Honolulu, Hawaii, this October 2015.  Ek Adhikari will be presenting Characterization of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas Jet (APPJ) and Its Effect on Plasmid DNA.  Zhou Li will be presenting Gas Phase Dissociative Electron Attachment to Formamide Derivatives NMF and DMF.  Xu Han is presenting DNA Damage in Oral Cancer and Normal Cells Induced by Nitrogen Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets, and James Kapaldo will be presenting A Characterization of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets through a Spatio-Temporal Mapping of the Optical Emission Spectra.  Congratuations to Dr. Ptasinska and all of her students for the recognition of their research!