We offer access to unique irradiation facilities and opportunities for worldwide collaborative investigation

The unique constellation of experimental apparatus at the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory provides one of the key assets in our drive to gain deep insight into the effects of radiation on chemical systems.

Pulse high-energy (2-8 MeV) electron sources are coupled to transient absorption and conductivity detectors targeting kinetics in solution, and to time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance and resonance Raman probes to enable structural characterization of short-lived species.

Markad Uddhav


Steady state phototonic radiation sources (µm-pm) are specifically geared toward quantitative product identification and mechanistic analysis and novel atmospheric pressure plasma sources are being developed.

A wide range of specifically designed equipment greatly enhances our ability to probe interactions in the gas phase, in solution and at interfaces. These tools include ultrahigh vacuum chambers for low-energy (0-50 eV) electron investigations, ultrafast (fs) lasers with transient absorption and fluorescence and an atmospheric pressure x-ray photoelectron spectrometer to characterize surface species.