Safety Committee Mission Statement

The Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory (NDRL) is committed to conducting research in an environment that insures the health and safety of our faculty, staff students and visitors. To that end, the NDRL Safety Committee shall:

  • Promote the safety validation of all laboratories.
  • Evaluate injury and incident reports as necessary.
  • Promote safety through the development and periodic updating of a comprehensive department safety plan.
  • Inform and educate faculty, staff, students and visitors regarding health and safety issues.

Prior to starting work in the Laboratory, all new coworkers, visitors and volunteers must:

  1. Contact Risk Management and Safety to sign up for safety classes.  Everyone working in a laboratory must take General Lab Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training.  Please check with your faculty advisor regarding the need to take Radiation Safety.  
  2. Read the NDRL's NDRL Safety Program.
  3. Read the NDRL's Emergency Action Plan.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the University's Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  5. Consult with your faculty supervisor regarding any laboratory specific protocols, and undertake any laboratory specific requirements for safety training.

NDRL Safety Forms

Laboratory Integrated Safety Plan Joint Assessment Checklist