ODEPR/MARY Spectrometer

Lisouskaya Aliaksandra

Optically detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (ODEPR) and magnetic field on reaction yield (MARY) spectroscopy, originally developed in Novosibirsk in the 1980s, are spin-sensitive techniques based on magnetically sensitive fluorescence from recombination of geminate radical ion pairs in irradiated solutions. Optical detection through fluorescence provides both high sensitivity and selectivity, and makes it possible to obtain unique spectroscopic information that is often unavailable from other methods.

Using state-of-the art components, a new version of an ODEPR/MARY spectrometer has been designed and built at the NDRL, producing  a greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio. This has allowed us to obtain room-temperature liquid-phase EPR and MARY spectra for a large number of previously inaccessible fluoroalkylarene radical anions.