Linear Accelerator

Owusu Stephenson


The centerpiece of our radiation chemistry efforts is the Titan-Beta 8 MeV pulsed electron LINAC. Construction of an underground vault necessary to house a major beam line expansion has been completed, and five additional experimental stations have been added. The installation of a subharmonic prebuncher to compress the charge into single fine-structure pulses, and thus reduce minimum pulse widths from ~2 ns to ~60 ps, will follow.

Optical absorption is the standard detection method for most radiation-generated transients. Current detection capabilities include single shot two-dimensional spectral acquisition from 200nm-1100nm and with time resolution from 1 nanosecond to 1 second or longer. Conductivity or fluorescence changes upon radiolysis can also be followed.  Subnanosecond laser-based detection will be available upon completion of the subharmonic prebuncher.